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Advocacy Service Aberdeen provides an independent advocacy service for victims of domestic abuse. Clients can self-refer to seek the assistance of a Domestic Abuse Advocate or be referred by a professional they are working with to assist them in relation to specific issues.

The large proportion of our Domestic Abuse Advocacy work is generated from and prioritised to work with people referred to a MARAC (multi-agency risk assessment conference). People are referred to MARAC because of serious concerns about their safety as a result of domestic abuse.


What is MARAC?

The aim of MARAC is to reduce risk and violence and to increase safety. MARAC is a meeting that brings together people from a variety of agencies to discuss the safety and well-being of people experiencing domestic abuse (and their children) and to draw up an action plan to make them safer.


Our MARAC coordinator Kelly explains how she can help:


“I am independent and not connected in any way to the police, social work or the courts. It is my aim to help clients through this difficult time and to be ‘on their side’. I will not judge the client or try to take the situation out of their hands. It is my role to ensure that client’s views are listened to during the MARAC process.”


“I go to the MARAC meeting on clients’ behalf and let people know the clients’ views. I then tell the client what is in the action plan drawn up at the meeting and what measures can be taken to help keep safe.”


Kelly’s role is to:

  • Listen and make sure your voice is heard at MARAC meetings
  • Speak to other professionals on your behalf if you want her to
  • Explore and explain your rights and options
  • Attend appointments with you and help you liaise with others
  • Help you stay safe by developing a safety plan
  • Refer you for other support such as counselling


Kelly can be contacted on her direct line: 01224 332397

Mobile: 07395885283



This is a free service funded. Our domestic abuse services are funded by The Henry Smith Charity, Foundation Scotland (Volant) and the National Lottery Community Fund.  – Domestic abuse is a serious crime.


Find out more about Domestic Abuse Advocacy here: Click here to download our leaflet

Find out more about MARAC here:  Click here to download MARAC leaflet


Advocacy Service Aberdeen can also help you feedback your views on the MARAC process within the city, so providers can learn and strive to improve the client experience.


We are currently collecting experiences from people who were referred to the MARAC process which is fed directly into the MARAC Steering group. If you would like to share your experience please click on the following link.  No personal information is required to submit the form.

Literally a life-saver

ASA Client

I used to think I was to blame. Advocacy was my first point of contact and I would have been very confused without them

ASA Client

Advocacy is an essential service for people of all backgrounds around domestic abuse

ASA Client