Our values are at the core of the work we do together with those we support. Advocacy Service Aberdeen believes in:



A Non-Judgemental approach



Person Centred


Team work



If your values are aligned with ours and you have the time to give to supporting someone in your community, we would love to hear from you.


To find out more about our volunteering opportunities please contact our Volunteer Coordinator Joanne Grant on 01224 332366 or complete the below application and monitoring forms and email to asa@advocacy.org.uk


Volunteer Application Form

Volunteer Monitoring Form

Volunteer Role Description

Volunteering for the advocacy service can be very rewarding. In my experience, clients appreciate your help no matter how little you may feel you have contributed. The Advocacy staff, and especially Joanne, are very supportive and help with any issue which are more complex.


My experience so far has been very positive: the full time staff are very accessible and supportive; I’ve felt comfortable that I’ve been able to go at my own pace as regards taking on new clients; I feel I’ve benefited personally from all the (free, to me) training I’ve had access too - I hope the clients get some benefit too!