How we can Help

How we can Help

Advocacy Service Aberdeen helps people take more control of their lives and actively participate in decision making by helping them to know and understand their rights and the situation that they are in; to consider the options that are available to them; to express their views and wishes and to make informed choices.

We have specialist services for people with mental health issues, people with learning disabilities; older people; carers; self-directed support and for people who are victims of domestic abuse.

Advocacy Service Aberdeen Mental Health

Mental Health

Advocacy Service Aberdeen can support people with a mental disorder living in the community or in hospital.

Learning Disability

People with a learning disability can benefit from advocacy support in many different ways. Find out more here.

Advocacy Service Aberdeen Learning Disability
Advocacy Service Aberdeen Older Adults

Older Adults and Older Adults Psychiatry

We offer services to older adults living in Aberdeen who are having difficulties with their mental health and wellbeing.

Domestic Abuse Advocacy

Advocacy Service Aberdeen provides independent advocacy for victims of domestic abuse. Find out more here.

Advocacy support for victims of domestic abuse
Collective Advocacy

Collective Advocacy

Collective advocacy is about people with similar experiences getting together to try to change things for the better, Find out more about or collective services here.


If you have a care budget or care for someone who needs social care, we can help you to understand your options as to how this budget is managed and how the care is delivered.

Advocacy Service Aberdeen Carers


Our Carers advocacy service can support unpaid carers. Read more here to find out how we can help.

Children’s Hearing Advocacy

We can provide an alternate service for children and young people who have to attend a hearing.

Childrens Hearing Service



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