Frequently Asked Questions

Why does someone need an independent advocacy worker if they have a social worker?

Many health and social care professionals will undertake advocacy work within their roles. However these roles often require them to make professional assessments based on what they feel is best for an individual or they will have to consider other factors such as what resources are available locally. This can mean the professional interests of these roles conflict with what you want. Independent advocacy workers are free from these conflicts of interests and our role is solely about helping you consider your options, your rights and to make sure your voice is heard.

Do I have to pay for an advocacy worker?

No! Advocacy is free to all those who need our help. There will be no cost to you for using our service.

Can anyone have an advocacy worker?

Unfortunately, we are not able to help everyone who would like our help. For more information on who we can help, please click here to see what services we can provide. You can also contact us to find out if we can help you.

Can an advocacy worker help me with my benefits?

In most cases we will signpost people who need help with their benefits to the appropriate agency. However we recognise that on some occasions it would make sense for us to help someone with benefit related issues, so we will treat this on a case by case basis.

Can an advocacy worker give me legal advice?

Advocacy workers are not legally qualified so we cannot provide you with legal advice. What we can help you with is getting in touch with a solicitor of your choosing.

How long will I need to wait for an advocacy worker?

This will all depended on the urgency of your issue. We try our best to get you the help you need as soon as possible. Waiting times can vary from a matter of days to a couple of months.

I have a meeting coming up, will someone attend with me?

Yes, if you want us to. Many people find meetings about them or a loved one difficult and intimidating. They can find it difficult to say what they think is best. An advocacy worker can help you prepare for your meeting and be there with you.

How long will my advocacy worker work with me?

We will work with someone on a specific issue. When this is complete the person usually no longer requires our help. However we can work with someone on a longer term basis if other issues arise.