Mental Health

Mental Health Advocacy in the Community

If you are living in the community with a mental health issue and find it difficult to get your views heard, advocacy can help you communicate more effectively with professionals and help to prepare for and attend meetings, such as:

  • Appointments with your Consultant, GP or Social Worker
  • Meetings with your Support Provider
  • Social Work Review meetings
  • Care Programme Approach meetings (CPA)
  • Mental Health Tribunals
  • Adult Support and Protection Case Conferences (ASP)
  • Guardianship applications and reviews
  • Child Protection Case Conferences
  • Children’s Hearings

Independent Advocacy support in the hospital can help you understand your rights in relation to your detention under the Mental Health (Scotland) Act 2003 (updated 2015) and the Adults with Incapacity (Scotland) Act 2000.

We can:

  • Help you discuss your detention with a solicitor.
  • Help prepare for a Mental Health Tribunal and attend these.
  • Help you be involved in your care, recovery and support.
  • Understand any restrictions and conditions which may apply to you because of an order.
  • Attend Care Programme Approach meetings and care reviews.
  • Assist and help you prepare Advanced Statements.

Mental Health Advocacy in Hospital

I am less stressed knowing advocacy can help me with the things I was anxious about

ASA Client

I feel listened to by others with my advocacy worker

ASA Client

I had nobody to trust and was happy that advocacy worked only for me

ASA Client