Children's Hearing Advocacy

Advocacy Service Aberdeen can provide children and young people with an alternate independent advocacy service for Children’s Hearings. Possible reasons for referring to an alternate provider can include:

  • It ensures a continuity of relationship with a child/young person and an ASA advocacy worker;
  • The primary children’s hearings advocacy organisation identifies an issue of conflict they are unable to mitigate, for example supporting
    a parent or sibling of the child/young person; or
  • Social Work (or others) make the referral as the child has expressed a desire not to work with the primary provider

This project is funded by the Scottish Government. Scottish Government

To find out who the primary provider is in your area, visit the Children’s Hearing Advocacy website here


Download our Children’s Hearing leaflets below.

Younger Children


For referrers

Support for meetings is very beneficial for people in my situation

ASA Client

Advocacy is very supportive. I feel heard and my views got put across

ASA Client

My advocacy worker approaches my situation with fresh eyes and a non-judgemental approach

ASA Client