Learning Disability

We provide independent advocacy for those who have a diagnosed learning disability. Some of the main areas of our work here are:

  • Guardianship reviews and applications
  • Adult Support and Protection concerns
  • Assessments and reviews
  • Support for parents with a learning disability if their child is open to social work interventions
  • General care and support issues

We also provide non-instructed advocacy when people are not able to communicate their views, wishes and goals directly. When there are severe communication issues, an advocacy worker will, where possible, work in the following ways:

  • Spend time with the person to gain an understanding of how they communicate and if any views can be expressed
  • Get to know preferred methods of communication
  • Build a picture of their life
  •  Get an understanding of any past wishes, interests and views
  • Understand the relevant processes and rights which are specific to their situation

Applying the spirit and principles of the Adults with Incapacity (Scotland) Act 2000 informs our approach to non-instructed advocacy. These are:

  • An intervention must benefit the individual
  • An intervention must be the least restrictive option
  • Account must be taken of the past and present wishes of an individual
  • An individual should be encouraged to exercise their own will and self-determination

Knowing someone is here for me makes me feel safe and not alone

ASA Client

I am good at listening but don't always understand. My advocate helps me.

ASA Client

My advocacy worker helped me understand what was going on

ASA Client