Carers Advocacy

ASA has an advocacy worker who works exclusively with carers.

Carers are people who look after or help others who could not manage without their support. They may look after or help a relative or friend who has any kind of disability.

It is recognised that carers often require independent advocacy in their own right. Click here to read The Scottish Government’s carers’ strategy Caring Together.

The carers advocacy worker

1. Can help you get all the information you need to understand the choices open to you.

2. Can help you express an opinion about the ongoing care and treatment of the person you care for.

3. Can help you access care and support for you as a carer.


The carers advocacy worker can meet you in our offices or at your home or in another venue that is suitable for you. She can support you by attending meetings with you, helping you access information, fill in forms or write letters. She can help you understand what you can do but won’t tell you what to do!

She can be contacted on her direct line: 01223 332367 – mobile: 07989202395 or by email: